Wednesday, September 17, 2014

DRESS-OF-THE-DAY 14: Tartan With A Twist (via Alexander McQueen & SJP)

In celebration of NATIONAL SEWING MONTH (here in the United States), I've decided to do an intensive blog series (well, intensive for me who obviously does not always make the time to blog), featuring a dress (or two, or a style) each day, not previously presented on this blog. Some will be my own creations, whether I used patterns or designed them myself. Others will be pieces I admire. Either will include an analysis and maybe some sources, history and tips. (At least, that's the goal.) I also have some guest bloggers scheduled (exciting!)

And now on to the Dress of the Day!

I apparently missed out on this the first time around, when Sarah Jessica Parker wore this Alexander McQueen number to The Met Ball in 2006, receiving much criticism (but is now part of an art exhibit). I'm not sure why, besides that the fashion industry has ridiculous, wavering tastes that I don't care to ascribe to.

Anyway, I personally really enjoy this piece, the contrast between the bold tartan taffeta and the soft tulle,  the beaded applique and femininity of the ballerina dress and the stark black leather belt. But I admittedly have a thing for Tartan (what is modernly called 'plaid'). Technically, tartan refers to the print, and 'plaid' or 'plaide' actually refers to a specific piece/length of tartan fabric, and is closely associated with the original form of the kilt. (reference).

The woman's variation of the Great Kilt or 'Plaid' is the earasaid, which like early kilts, is a piece of clothing made from a length of Tartan folded, draped and fastened in a certain way. Undone, it is basically a blanket, and thus very utilitarian.


How To...
    1. Find a Special Occasion Dress pattern with a full, tulle-filled skirt.
      Simplicity 3878
    2. Make Ballerina-Style dress.
    3. Acquire some Tartan/Plaid Taffeta
      Hancock Fabrics
    4. Drape Plaid in traditional method using  Kilts-N-Stuff's Earasaid Instructions OR Use a Traditional Scottish Dress Pattern

    1. Acquire a Ballerina Tulle Dress
    2. Acquire some Tartan/Plaid Taffeta
      Fabric on Etsy
    3. Acquire a Belt.
    4. Simply Drape Tartan/Plaid Taffeta like an Earasaid: Kilts-N-Stuff's Earasaid Instructions
Another Fun Tartan Folk-Inspired Dress
(Just because...)

Pattern on Burdastyle
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